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Welcome to
Legally Det
ained :)

A space to share my thoughts and journey as a neurodivergent bean learning to navigate this thing we call life :)

autistic, ADHD, ARFID, actor, artist, advocate, activist




Hello and Welcome to my Blog- Legally Detained,

The question who am I, is one I often ponder but have yet to find any clear answer. I went on a journey of self-discovery, a journey I didn't even know I was on when I started. It's so far led me in directions I could never have imagined including creating this space. A space where we believe these is no set road and that we are not afraid to tread the path less trodden. Where we can be unapologetically ourselves. 

I want to be the voice I needed to hear when I was younger. I will be loud about the things which matter and are important. We have the power to create change, which must not sit back an accept but learn, educate and campaign for social justice for all.

One stepcan start ajourney of athousandmiles...

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