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Young Minds Blogs

I wanted to share the links to the blogs I have written as a Young Blogger for the charity Young Minds. Some of these are blogs I wrote myself and others in collaboration with other young people. There are so many great blogs written by young people on a very diverse range of topics, so I would definitely recommend taking a look at the Young Minds Blog :)

This list will be updated each time there I get a new blog published- I have currently got two about to be and one I have started writing!!

Also to note these have been writtem over a number of years, so as with all things there will be differences now but overall I think the messages are still very important to share <3

How to support someone with ADHD

Generational Differences- What I wish older generations new about young people and mental health

Autism and Friendship- A letter to my younger self


Why I'm proud to be autistic


Tips for coping with making mistakes


The benefits of changing my mindset when taking medication


What I learnt when I lost a friendship


Taking the pressure off christmas


My experience of a CAMHS assessment


Transferring from CAMHS to adult mental health services


What we've learnt about our mental health in lockdown


What not to say to people struggling with their mental health at christmas


What to do if you're really struggling with your mental health


Tips for talking to your friends about your mental health


How to overcome the pressure to succeed




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